Birgit Neppl

Costumière (19)

2024 In a corner the sky surrenders… unplugging archival journeys...  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
In a Corner the Sky Surrenders – Unplugging Archival Journeys # 2  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin conception Robyn Orlin
How in salts desert is it possible to blossom...  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin conception Robyn Orlin
2023 Fragments  chorégraphie Wanjiru Kamuyu
2022 Mesdames et Messieurs  chorégraphie Petter Jacobsson
2021 Air-Condition  chorégraphie Petter Jacobsson
En guise de bienvenue…  chorégraphie Wanjiru Kamuyu
2020 An Immigrant's Story  chorégraphie Wanjiru Kamuyu
We wear our wheels with pride and slap your streets with color… we said 'bonjour' to satan in 1820…  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
… alarm clocks are replaced by floods and we awake with our unwashed eyes in our hands  conception Robyn Orlin
2019 Les Bonnes  de Jean Genet mise en scène Robyn Orlin
Twice  chorégraphie Emmanuel Eggermont
2014 At the same time we were pointing a finger at you, we realized we were pointing three at ourselves  conception Robyn Orlin
2013 In a world full of butterflies, it takes balls to be a caterpillar... some thoughts on falling...  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
2009 Walking next to our shoes...  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
2007 Dressed to Kill... Killed to Dress...  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
2005 Hey dude...I have talent...I'm just waiting for god  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
2004 When I take off my skin and touch the sky with my nose, only then can I see little voices amuse themselves  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin
2002 Ski-Fi-Jenny... and the frock of the new  chorégraphie Robyn Orlin conception Robyn Orlin

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